Friday, January 14, 2011


Sometimes she is
as close as a kiss,
and I am filled with joy
to think I can, once more,
caress that tired cheek.

Tonight, again, she is here.
I know, with dreamt wisdom,
that she lives, and that
no trick of mind will thwart
the moment that will be real.

Now, sitting at her table
I can finally tell her
what was neglected
in mindless youth.
I will pay down moral debt.

But, in mind’s nether world,
that dearest image
remains aloof, intangible.
It slips away, yet again
a mere wraith…beyond.

In that dreaded instant,
my garbled cry, Stay, Mother
comes from a soul emptied
to receive joy, but is filled
with loss anew and fresh grief.

The cherished moment
evaporates across the misty divide,
the dream shatters, leaving
a tear frozen in her eye,
while mine flow into the chasm.


evanescence: tendancy of fading from sight, vanishing.